Taking a Paws

After 20 years, I  feel like I’ve finally stopped chasing my own tail and am finally taking a “paws”.

Despite working for a great company and having all the opportunities in the world to exercise my creativity, my 20 year marketing career also came with long commutes from my rural home and the exhausting grind of 9 to 5 life.  I was tired of being tired and I wanted the type of lifestyle that energized me, not drained me.   With the support of friends, family, some great books and blogs, I put a plan in place that would support my decision to leave my career and follow my heart.   Along with the practical stuff like cracking down on debt, my plan included mind work to help overcome the attachments of a fancy title, a comfortable income and all the stuff I could buy with it.  It also meant accepting and facing the fears that go along with taking a major leap outside of your comfort zone.  

Through this process I spent many hours on the trails with my dog, Charlie, contemplating what my new life would look like if I wasn’t going to my office job every day.   When  fears and doubts about my decisions started creeping in, I would throw on my boots, call Charlie and head for the woods.    After an hour or so of connecting with nature and watching Charlie living his life to the fullest, I returned home reconnected and ready to forge on.  

So here I am, three months into my new life, following my heart and doing the things I love for reasons that I believe in.  All my life, I have had a passion for animals and the outdoors and I understand all too well the pet owner guilt of not having the energy or time to take your dog for a walk at the end of a long day.   So, I’ve taken my love and knowledge for dogs and the empathy I have for pet-owners and created Muddy Paws Adventures….A dog hiking business that feeds the souls of my canine clients and provides peace of mind for their humans. 

Future posts will share what my canine clients have taught me and some tips to make the best life for you and your dog. I’ve got some great stories about my own dog too, Charlie, a seven year-old “SPCA special” and my inspiration for Muddy Paws Adventures.  

For more dog stories and what they’ve taught me, check out the September issue of Paws For Balance. paws for balance – September 2012

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