Christmas Traditions

boobyWe all have our holiday traditions. For the Townsends, it’s opening our home to our God Dog, Reuben. Reuben is a beautiful, well behaved English Setter, but a few indiscretions have almost landed him on the Naughty list.

The most memorable Reuben holiday mishap was his attempt to make off with the Christmas turkey by discretely snatching it from the kitchen counter.

Reuben’s faux pas always take place at my Mother’s home where only a few select dogs have ever graced her doorstep. Every year, my mother protests Reuben’s presence and every year we show up with him. He’s brought her flowers to make up for his indiscretions, such as throwing up on her rug and goosing my Uncle’s new girlfriend. My Mom just shakes her head and goes on record that she already has enough to do without worrying about another dog in the house. I appeal to my Mother by telling her that Reuben has gifted us with stories to share for many Christmases to come. “See you on the 25th, Grand-God Mom!”

For more stories, read our mpa winter newsletter 2014.

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