Humans Welcome!

West Hants-20120406-00130The only thing better than spending some time on the trails is sharing it with a truck full of fuzz faces. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning by 8:00 am, Charlie and I jump in the Sierra to pick up our pack members for the morning’s hike.

The fun starts before we even hit the trail with every dog acting like they’ve won the lottery when they hear me walk in their home. You can never get tired of feeling that appreciated.

Once all the dogs are collected, we make our way to one of our favourite trail sites. When it’s time to release the hounds, I open the tail gate and the dogs explode out of the truck busting with excitement.

Sometimes we stick to the tried and true trails and other times, we find ourselves blazing new ones often in search of Charlie who has decided it’s time to shake things up.
The dogs are happy on whatever trail we choose as long as we keep moving. If we stop, I’ll hear barks of protest and be

slobbered with passive-aggressive licks. Even stopping to do something out of necessity, like tying my boot, needs to be done with a strategy. Most times, a bit of stick throwing does the trick.

During our hikes, I always feel a sense of gratitude. Even on the rainiest of mornings and the Siberian-like winter days, I feel like a lucky dog. My packs keep me smiling (their happiness is contagious), focused, and moving forward as we explore the trails we are so privileged to use.
After 90 minutes in nature chasing, wrestling, sniffing and swimming, the dogs are happy to jump back in the truck to get their treat. There’s always the odd hold-out who will hide behind a tree and stay perfectly still hoping they can’t be spotted. But they can’t resist a gluten-free sweet potato treat for long and eventually succumb to their bellies.

After dropping the dogs back home, I feel just like they do – relaxed and happy. And ready to do it all again the next day.

Join us!
So now you have an idea of the day in the life of a dog hiker, it’s time to join us on the trails.
Muddy Paws Adventures now welcomes humans the first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every month. In return for joining us, we ask for a monetary donation of your choice towards one of our favourite canine-related charities.

So if you want to laugh, live in the moment, feel at peace, and in general – be a more relaxed and happy human, call me, email me or message me on Facebook. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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