Humans Welcome

When  we pick up our  Muddy Paws clients for their hikes, its like they’ve won the lottery. They jump for joy and howl like banshees in anticipation of another Muddy Paws Adventure. So what is it about a simple walk in the woods that gets these dogs so excited? New research is showing that our dogs know what’s good for them.

The sense of accomplishment, connection with nature, and time off the grid that a hike provides is now proving to help relieve both anxiety and depression. In fact many trained therapists are now using hiking as part of their treatment programs and even war veterans are recognizing the healing effects of hiking to help them find relief from post- traumatic-stress disorder.

Throw a dog…or six into your hike and you’ll have the perfect recipe for some peace, joy and gratitude.


Join Us – If you want to be a more relaxed and happy human,  join us on a Muddy Paws Adventure.   In return, we ask for a donation of your choice towards one of our favourite canine-related charities.