The only thing better than spending time on the trails with a truck full of canines is the gratification of hearing how our adventures have impacted our clients.

Our English Setters, Rueben and Roscoe, are wonderful high engery bird dogs that certainly require lots of regular activity. When they are in Linda’s care, I am confident they are getting the exercise and socialization they need to remain relaxed and happy dogs


Our boys, Benny and Cooper,  love their hike with Muddy Paws. They get to socialize with their pack friends and they especially have a great time if there’s water involved. When we get home on a day they’ve been out, they’re so played out they barely greet us at the door. Thanks for helping us keep them active and happy!


Since Sadie has joined Muddy Paws Adventures, she is a much more balanced and relaxed dog! She looks forward to her hikes with her pals and now knows that it is her time to run, play and be crazy Sadie!! I still tear up when I see the photos and see she is having so much fun and just letting loose!


Parker is never so happy as when I come home after he’s been out with Linda and the crew. He`s completely relaxed and exudes this “everything is right in the world” vibe. Even with a  2 hour walk with me he doesn’t get the same afterglow. it’s the socialization


Muddy Paws has given Izzie the much needed doggie socialization that’s necessary for  a well rounded dog. She has become a more content and fulfilled dog since beginning her adventures with Linda, Charlie, and the rest of the  pack. This has had an effect on every aspect of our life together, most importantly, she’s more obedient and we no longer have the fur parent guilt of leaving Izzie alone all week.

Kate & John