Adventures In Dog Walking

Servicing Mount Uniacke to Windsor, Nova Scotia, Muddy Paws Adventures specializes in 1.5 hour dog walks that take your dog into a natural setting where they can interact off-leash in a social environment, use their noses and explore. When you get home from a busy day, you’ll be greeted with a well-balanced, relaxed and happy dog.

Since Sadie has joined Muddy Paws Adventures, she is a much more balanced and relaxed dog! She looks forward to her hikes with her pals and now knows that it is her time to run, play and be crazy Sadie!! I still tear up when I see the photos and see she is having so much fun and just letting loose!


Parker is never so happy as when I come home after he’s been out with Linda and the crew. He`s completely relaxed and exudes this “everything is right in the world” vibe. Even with a  2 hour walk with me he doesn’t get the same afterglow. it’s the socialization