About Us

Linda TownsendAfter a 20 year career in marketing with daily commutes to the city,   Linda was looking for a way  to simplify her life and find more time to do the things she loved.   Using her passion for the outdoors, nature and all things four-legged, Linda created a service that feeds the souls of her canine clients and provides peace of mind for their humans.

Linda is an associate member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and is certified in pet first aid.   She has taken several dog obedience and behaviour courses throughout the years and continues to enjoy growing her knowledge of all things canine related. 

Charlie Dog – The Inspiration behind Muddy Paws was Charlie –  an affectionate,  12 year old lab/beagle cross who was adopted by Linda and her husband from the Truro SPCA in 2004.   Charlie was a kind, gentle soul who shares a love of the outdoors with Linda.   A once timid, insecure dog, Charlie’s Muddy Paws Adventures transformed him into a trusting canine.   As he got better at sniffing out squirrels and manoeuvring at high speeds through brush and fallen trees, his confidence grew off the trail.  His nervous accidents all but disappeared and he began greeting  strangers with a wagging tail.  His off leash adventures transformed him into a trusting, brave little dog.
Rest in Piece my Little Man, 2003 – 2015.


Linda  lives on a hobby farm in Rawdon with her husband, Sean; their lovable rescue dog – Koko; an entitled cat – Molly; and two horses – Roxy and Irving.